Opening of the Hoon Hay Community Centre

The Hoon Hay Community Centre was officially opened on Saturday, 2nd July 2016. The centre is owned by Christchurch City Council.

The centre was originally run by the Hoon Hay Community Centre Steering Committee, and promoted with the help of the recently formed Hoon Hay Community Association. From 2019 onwards, the Hoon Hay Community Centre has been promoted and run by the Hoon Hay Community Association.


Hoon Hay Children's Voluntary Library

Prior to the opening of the Hoon Hay Community Centre, 90 Hoon Hay Road was known as the Hoon Hay Children's Voluntary Library. The library was constructed and founded in 1966 prior to the development of the Christchurch City Council's role as provider of public library services. In the 60s, it had 1,700 child members, issued 38,000 items per annum (46,000 in the first year) and had 30 volunteers doing desk work. The Library was built leaving room on the site for an adult library if necessary.



Southern View HHCC Opening 2016.jpg


When Spreydon Library opened in 1971, issues reduced significantly at Hoon Hay Library. Following the Canterbury earthquakes the Hoon Hay Library sustained no earthquake damage, but broken pipes on the section and road meant the library was closed for 4-5 months. Since the earthquakes, membership declined further and there was a reduction in issues and volunteers. As of September 2013 the membership was 200-300 with 10-20 local families being frequent visitors. The opening hours were Wednesday to Friday 3pm-4-30pm and Saturday (4.5 hours per week).


Closure of the Hoon Hay Children's Voluntary Library

Hoon Hay Children's Voluntary Library closed on Wednesday 17th December, 2014. The decision to close the library was made by the committee due to declining membership and use of the library. There were four library committee members when the library closed its doors for the last time - Merle Lepper, Lorna Holland, Vanessa Crisp and Mabel Ch'ng.


Volunteers Recognised for Long Service

Nearly a year after the Hoon Hay Childrens Library closed Merle Lepper, Lorna Holland and former volunteer June Hulme were presented with a Community Service award in recognition of their many years of voluntary service to the library. Lorna Holland and Merle Lepper volunteered at the library from the day it opened in 1966, to the day it closed in December 2014 - a total of 49 years. June Hulme volunteered for 47 years. All together the trio contributed 145 years of service.


90 Hoon Hay Rd Comes Full Circle

At the opening of the Hoon Hay Community Centre, Merle Lepper ceremoniously cut the cake, to celebrate the new beginnings of 90 Hoon Hay Rd as a community centre - a building and community come full circle.


Community Centre renovation

Until early 2022, Hoon Hay Community Centre was at risk of being disposed of by Christchurch City Council. Hoon Hay Community Association worked with the recommendations of a feasibility study to build use of the centre. 


In early 2022, the centre came off the disposal list. The Spreydon-Cashmere Community Board then secured funding for the centre to be renovated. Between April to July 2023, renovations occurred to earthquake strengthen the building and make it fit for purpose. Previous Community Board Chair and Spreydon Councillor Melanie Coker helped open the centre post-renovation.


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