Hoon Hay Community Association

Hoon Hay Community Centre is run by volunteers who are the committee members of Hoon Hay Community Association (Association). The Association is run by a group of small but energetic volunteers.

The Hoon Hay Community Association was formed in 2017  with the purpose of building community connectedness, improving safety and security in Hoon Hay and providing a community hub. This initiative came out of the Hoon Hay Community Centre Steering Committee. 

Over the past few years, the Association has run a range of events and hosted meetings at the centre. After a brief hiatus due to members moving out of the area,  the Association relaunched in 2020. Its first event was a successful Halloween Kids Night with 150-200 of our neighbours stopping by for the fun. It has also hosted a coffee and card making session and attended Hoon Hay Fiesta in 2020. 

We plan to organise similar community events, seek out feedback on local issues, and promote the centre. We ask for your support in these events and future activities. 


Please get in touch if you have ideas or local issues we can assist with.


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Email: hoonhaycommunityassn@gmail.com