90 Hoon Hay Road

Phone: 03 339 8553

Meeting Room

The meeting room is a single open plan room of 53 sq m, approximately the size of a standard classroom. In addition to the meeting area, there is a single toilet.

It is a perfect size for meetings, educational and craft activities, direct sales parties, small dance or exercise groups, catered functions and social get-togethers.

The meeting room has enough seating for 30 people, or 50 people standing.  There are 2 large tables that are suitable for meetings or activities, and a front desk which can be used for serving refreshments or presenting products. Bookshelves surround the walls which are useful for storing or displaying items.

A jug and water are available on site. On a cold winter day there are plenty of heaters should you require them. The meeting room and its surrounding area is a smoke-free environment.

Hoon Hay Public Meeting 5th April 2016.jpg